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I have just obtained a higher membership status or my status has been reevaluated at the end of my membership period and I haven't received my new card.

When your status is reevaluated at the end of your membership period* or you obtain a higher status, you will receive an email informing you of any change in your status and inviting you to choose the format of your Le Club AccorHotels card.

Your card is available in digital format via the AccorHotels application. You can also receive it in physical format. This can be requested by clicking on the "Choose my card" link in the email. If you do not request a physical card, by default your card will only be available in digital format.

To view your card:

  1. 1

    Please download the AccorHotels application on your mobile or tablet:

  2. 2Enter your email address or Le Club AccorHotels card number as well as your password to access your account
  3. 3Click on "My Card"

You can request a physical card at any time via your online account.

You will need to check you have provided a correct postal address, first:

  1. 1 Go to your "Account" on and click on Log In
  2. 2 Enter your email address or your Le Club AccorHotels card number together with your password
  3. 3 Click on "MY LOYALTY AREA AND MEMBERSHIP" and then on "My loyalty card"
  4. 4 Your card number will appear
  5. 5 Ask for your card to be sent by clicking on "Receive my card by mail": The button will appear when the above details are entered.

You will then receive your card in two to three weeks.

You can also print your temporary card by clicking on "Print your card".

*If you obtain Classic status once your previous status expires, your card will be in digital format by default. You will receive an email simply informing you of your change of status. To apply for a physical card, follow the steps set out above.

N.B.: Your status is automatically recalculated as of 1 January each year. We are keen to provide a top quality service, so this recalculation may take several days.

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